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My dear friend, and fellow Speculative Fiction writer, Joyce Alton, has just had a birthday… not her, her blog, “Yesternight’s Voyage.” One year of successful blogging. Not bad, eh?

To help in the celebration I’ve been tagged. Somehow I always end up last in these things, so I won’t be able to follow one of her rules. Everybody I know has already been tagged! ARRRRRGH! But I’m use to it; the same thing happened with alarming frequency on the playgrounds of my youth. 😉

Anyhoo, here are the rules.

The rules are as follows:
1) Answer the questions on your own blog.
2) Tag three other speculative fiction blog writers to participate.
3) Each participant needs to link their blogpost with their answers back to Yesternight’s Voyage.
4) Leave a comment in the original post (on Yesternight’s Voyage) as to why you love, write, or read speculative fiction and a link to your blog.
5) Stay tuned to Yesternight’s Voyage this month for a mad treasure hunt (later on) that will connect all the participating blogs.
6) Make sure you post these rules on your blog when participating.
7) Please note that the blogging part of the treasure hunt will only run between March 6th – 19th. So have your answers posted by then. If you are posting your answers on the 18th or 19th, don’t worry about tagging anyone new.

Part II answer her questions:

1) Who are your favorite speculative fiction writers?

Ray Bradbury, Issac Asminov, Frank Hurbert, J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, and whoever it was that first penned Beowulf.

2) Write a two or three sentence writing prompt to inspire your readers today. (Encourage them to post their responses in your comments section.)

(I’m not sure how much good this is going to do, since I can count my readers on one hand and I’m not real certain that very many of them show up at any given time. But, here goes.)

Your MC is alone in a dark castle. They have just found the answer to the quest they have been seeking. As they reah out to claim their prize, an ominous noise comes from behind them. (Please answer in the comments section, if you happen to be out there. LOL!)

3) List three favorite industry blogs/websites that you’ve found helpful.

Agent Query Connect
Magical Words
Predators and Editors

4) Give us the low-down on your main character (or one of your main characters) in the story you’re working on right now, regardless if it’s finished or not. Describe his/her personality, situation, and what his/her biggest problem/obstacle is.

(I’m working on a couple, so I’ll pick the Sci Fi one. I’m keeping the Fantsy MC under deep cover until Marathon for good reason, but ya all will have to wait for May to find out. :P)

Robert Morgan is an ex-military commander turned seedy private eye for hire. Blaming himself for the annihilation of his squad during the war on Centaurius Prime, he apparently turns to alcohol to dull the guilt. Xenophobic from his experience in the war; a plea for help from the alien commander responsible sends him into a conflict of emotions where he must question his life choice afterwards, and confront the fallacy of his own bigotry.

5) What are your favorite speculative fiction movies from the last five years?

In no particular order.

The Chronicles of Narnia, Lord of The Rings, Avatar, District 9, and Ella Enchanted. (I’m fairly sure a few of those fall outside the specified timeline, but there it is.)

6) If you were suddenly thrown into another world where magic existed, what is something from the real world you’d want to take with you? (Limitations apply on energy sources and such.)

The recipe for making gunpowder, (Oooo! That’s gotta hurt! ~Bruce Campbell, Army of Darkness), and a darn good Katana sword, (Not the cheap copies.).

7) List the first type of these things you think of:

a) color: Blue-green
b) number: 42 (It is the answer to life, the universe, and everything. 😉 )
c) made-up name: Kharnn
d) an adjective: Amazing

Part III:

I am tagging:

Nobody. I checked out the blog, and everyone I could tag has already been tagged.

Sorry Joyce, but someone has to be at the bottom of the barrel, and it looks like that spot is still reserved for yours truly. 😀

Well, there you have it… and I didn’t even lie this time. LOL!

Take a moment, if you would, and hop over to Joyce’s blog Yesternight’s Voyage. I’m gonna pop overe there now, and try to post a’la the rules, but given the problems I have commenting on Blogspot, I’m making NO promises. LOL!

Later, Gang!


6 responses to “Yesternight’s SF Tag

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  1. I like your choices for writers, except . . . I’m pretty sure that Beowulf was actually a work of history rather than fiction!

    • No doubt, Rob.

      But I’m fairly certain a lot of artistic license had been taken when it was first told, or written down. Monsters such as Grendel, his Mom, and Dragons simply don’t exist, except in our imaginations. (As far as I know, or any hard evidence can verify.)

      No doubt Beowulf did exist, and was a great warrior/king, but i don’t really think for an instant that he killed a giant troll, his water demon mom, or a fire breathing dragon in real life. Which is why I think of the epic as historical fiction. 😉

  2. I have attempted your writing prompt. What do you think.

    Myrna wished someone would turn on the lights. Sneaking around a strange castle in the middle of the night was hard enough without stubbing her toes against every suit of armor she encountered. She’d reached the heart of the tower of innumerable steps. It had to be here somewhere.

    Then she saw it. It stood on a gleaming pedestal, crusted with diamonds and other precious gems. A single spotlight lit it from above. The Pickle of Incivility. With it in her possession, she could hurl ripe insults from one corner of the kingdom to the other. She’d be unstoppable.

    Hands trembling, she grasped the slimy vegetable and clutched it to her chest. “Your mama wears combat boots!” she cried in triumph.

    A crash sounded. She spun. “U mad bro.”

    A giant radish came rolling from the beams of the ceiling, headed to seal off her only exit.

    The pickle slipped, hitting her toe with a squish. Myrna fumbled for it, but it squirted ahead toward the corner. The radish gained speed.

    She could choose escape or the immortality of rudeness, not both. In an instant she made her choice and dove.

    “Roses are red. Violets are blue. I have five fingers, the third ones for you.”

  3. HAhahah definitely not going to be able to top Michelle’s, but here goes 😛

    She’d never seen anything so … shiny.

    First, she snapped a picture with her cellphone and texted it to her partner-in-crime. Got it.

    With one last glance through the castle window at the rest of the amusement park, Livvy approached the Disney Princess crown and snatched it up.



    She whirled around and gaped. A real-life version of Maleficent stood before her, looking regal and evil as usual.

    “Put down my crown, peasant,” Maleficent snarled.

    “Uh. What? You – I was just … it’s just a scavenger hunt.”

    “My throne is but a hunt to you? I shall show you the true hunt – the hunt of predator and prey.” With that, the queen drew a long, spindly blade from her sleeve. “Prepare to die, peasant!”

    “I’m not a peasant.” Livvy’s face reddened, and her shaking hands accidentally snapped the flimsy plastic crown in half.

    Maleficent blinked. Then her face contorted, an agonized howl rending the air. “NOOOOOMYCROWN!” With that, she dissipated into nothingness.

    “What. What just happened.” Livvy shook her head. As she walked out, she wondered if she’d inhaled a bit of what those guys near the entrance to the castle had been smoking.

    Character time!

    “Introducing… KHARNN THE AMAZING!”

    The wizard sweeps out and surveys his audience, a twinkle in his blue-green eyes, a jaunty curl at the edges of his mustache. “Pick a number,” he says to a girl in the front row. “Picture it clearly in your mind.”

    And Kharnn hears it ring into his brain. “42,” he tells her, with a grin.

    She faints.

    “This is no ordinary magic show,” Kharnn says, sweeping back to the stage in the center of the ring. “Tonight, for your consideration, we have real magic. True magic.”

    The murmur of skepticism amuses him. Because they will be seeing true magic… and they will, of course, believe it is false. Poor saps, poor humans, doing so much to convince themselves that everything needs to fit into their narrow worldview.

    He snaps his fingers. The lights shatter. And the show begins.

    Thanks, Peter! Great prompts. (And Ella Enchanted was my favorite book for AGES! Represent! ^_^)

    • LOL! Too cool, hun. 😀

      Riley killed two birds with one stone. Talk about representing! WOW! 😉

      We still have to give mad props to Michelle for the most hilarious prompt, though. That puppy’s gonna be hard to top. 😀

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