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You’ll probably notice a few things change on here from time to time. Mostly because, I’ve never administrated a blog before and I’m still learning WordPress. Oh sure, I ghosted a few, but all I had to do then was pretend to be someone else, write whatever they wanted me to, and make a couple of bucks. The administration stuff I left to them.

Fortunately, I had a bit of HTML, (Which in my case stands for Help This Moron Learn.), so posting wasn’t a problem. All it took was a little perseverance. The one quality that anyone looking to become a writer needs more than any other.

One of my fellow AgentQuery Connect members, Cherie, has a really inspiring quote by Richard Bach on her signature:

“A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit.”

Truer words were never spoken. Especially for anyone wacky enough to attempt this career. But we’ll get back to that in a moment. Cherie also has a very proficient blog of her very own, and I think you’ll find it well worth your while to check it out. Ready. Write. Go at Blogspot.

Side note: You’ll notice that I mention AgentQuery Connect quite often in my blogs. The reason for that is, AQC is the best writer’s community on the web, bar none. Also, because the other great members there haven’t lynched my fanny for being a complete A-hole. Yet. 😉

Back to our subject.

While it is true that a writer needs the basics of the craft, such as good grammar and spelling, all the technical aspects of authorship won’t amount to a spit in the Pacific if you don’t have perseverance. (Please, don’t spit in the Pacific. It has enough trouble dealing with all the other crap we’ve dumped into it.)

Some of the harsh realities of this business should be enough to make any sane person walk away saying, “Oh, Hell NO!” Which, indecently, is why I’m still working at it.

You will encounter enough form letter rejections from agents to wallpaper the Whitehouse and the Senate building. Assuming they are into Avaunt Guarde. You will have every editor who so much as looks at your work mangle, uhhh… improve it. (Yes, that was a joke. A good editor is priceless, if you can afford one.) And should you be lucky enough to weave your way through all the myriad roadblocks between you and your dream, you’ll spend more time promoting and marketing than you ever did writing.

Hmmmm? Am I sure I want to do this? HELL YEAH!

Then to top it all off, if you think that every writer who makes it to a contract instantly becomes a wealthy upper class person. Sorry, but your dead wrong. For every name author out there, there a couple thousand who are published, but still barely making a living doing what we love to do.

And, really, that is the point for an aspiring author’s walk through Hades. I didn’t make much more than a couple dollars above minimum wage when I was a graphic artist. I made even less on the independent pro wrestling circuit. But, I did love doing both, and that made it all worth it to me. So what if I didn’t get to work on The New Yorker, or shill for Vince McMahon for mega bucks? I was still getting paid to do something I loved to do.

Now, all this isn’t meant to put anyone off of a career in writing. For all I know the next Steven King, or J.K. Rowling could be reading this right now. One thing I can guarantee; you’ll never know if you give up, or let any of these obstacles stand in you way. You’ll have to persevere to find out. 😉



8 responses to “Per-Severe-Ance

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  1. Woot! Woot! Thanks for the shout-out, Peter! I enjoyed your post. Well done. Is this your first post and first blog? It’s looking good.

    So true about perseverance. I guess people write for many different reasons. I’ve always written for me, for my love of books and the written word. Sure it’d be nice to get the same paycheck as JK Rowling, but I for one, don’t place that as my top priority for writing. That’s a lot of pressure! lol.

    Goodluck with your blog, and have fun with it. =)

    • Hi there, Cherie.

      Thanks for stopping by, and taking the time to comment.

      This is my third post. I did an intro, and a second one that may have come off as a little snarky. But it was early in the morning when I wrote it.

      Note to self: Coffee first, dumbass! LOL! 😀

      Mega bucks isn’t the reason I write, either, hun. Although I wouldn’t complain over a good contract and a living. No. I do it for the love of telling stories. For a chance to entertain a few folks out there, and maybe give them a chance to forget the harshness life can sometimes bring down on us.

  2. Hey there, Peter. I love your down-to-earth voice. And I totally agree, you have to perservere in the face of obscurity, background, experience, and adversity to be a writer.

    Professional wrestling? Wow. Didn’t know that.


    • Hi Joyce!

      Thank you. This voice is very different from my storytelling. This is me. for better, or worse, for richer or… wait a minute! I’m about to marry myself, and I’m pretty sure that’s illegal!

      Yep. Although I only got to be on TV once. It was a public access channel in NC. We averaged about $5.00 a night, but I didn’t care. There was a small crowd, and I could make them love, and hate me with ease. For some reason, my character split the audience down the middle… and I was a Heel! Go figure. 😀

  3. Also, having writing buddies (in real life and on line) and communities like AQCon makes it a little easier to keep on keepin’ on.

    • You can say that again, Michelle.

      Although nothing can take the place of a good editor, most of us can not afford their services. Having a community like AQC, where you can find fellow writers from all levels of the process to beta read, and critique for you is certainly the next best thing.

      These things take time away from working on your own stuff, and having people willing to sacrifice a bit of their valuable time for each other is something that money can’t buy.

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